Changing the world, one meeting at a time

What if the answers to all your work questions were a cup of coffee away? And what if you could have this conversation with a mentor, your mentor. That’s the idea behind Mentoro, finding the person who will help you grow, one cup of java at a time.

The mentoro program is …





How does it work? We connect experts (our mentors) with mentees (possibly you!) for a period of six months. During this time, mentor-mentee duos are asked to meet two to three times for a cup of tea or coffee.



Fauve Doucet

Vice President, Innovation and Strategy

Mike Sherman

Director of Media and Analytics

Jonathan Gendreau

Vice-President Marketing and Digital Strategy

Karine Vincent

Director, Digital Products

Karine Charbonneau

Director, Omnichannel Strategy and Content

Martin Céré

Vice President, Digital and CRM

Become a mentee

Registration will be open for our F/W 2018 INNOVATION cohort

on october 21st 2018.

Stay posted for news on upcoming cohorts!

We would like to thank our partner for the INNOVATION cohort, the Desjardins Lab, and our mentors, whose contributions have made this program possible.

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« The Mentoro program helped me focus and set career goals that I had never considered before. Some things you can’t learn or understand just by reading, you have to have someone with concrete industry experience explain it to you or share perspectives and insight. I found the experience encouraging and uplifting. »

A. Cabiakman

Brand Manager, Mentee, Fall 2016

« Thanks to Mentoro, I was introduced to a great mentor. He is a strong leader who gave me useful advice regarding my professional challenges and encouraged me in my career path. Our discussions truly had a concrete impact on my professional and personal development. I really want to thank the Mentoro team for this wonderful project! »

L. Maire

Account Director, Mentee, Fall 2016

« We met for about one hour over coffee and talked about our field of work, but also about work-life balance and social involvement. My mentor was extremely responsive and attentive, and listened to my concerns while encouraging me in my professional career. I felt comfortable speaking to her about my doubts. Thank you very much for this happy initiative! »

E. Bachelier

Communication Specialist, Mentee, Fall 2016

The mentoro program is …